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TV Pilot

Genre: Fantasy/Mob/Western

Length: 68 pages

Rating: TV-MA

TV Bible: Yes

Logline:  An Irish mob enforcer is transported back to 1897 Wyoming and teamed up with a drunk cowboy and a Cheyenne warrior to save her ancestors from being murdered by a man who made a bad deal with a demon, while her friends and family in present-day New York try to solve the mystery of her disappearance as they deal with a wave of creatures let loose in the city.

​Festival Placements:

Semi-finalist, Circus Road Screenplay Contest

Quarter-finalist, Shore Scripts TV Pilot Contest 2020

Quarter-finalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Winter 2020

Play It Cool

Feature Script

Genre: Drama

Length: 118 pages

Rating: PG-13

Logline: A small-town mechanic gets swept up in a drug investigation when an undercover FBI agent mistakes her for the ring-leader of the local gang.

Festival Placements:

Quarter-finalist, Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition 2019

Family Secrets

TV Pilot

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Length: 56 pages

Rating: TV-14

Logline: A woman raised in the Irish mob attempts to leave her old life behind her and go straight as a school teacher in a small town until the FBI shows up at her door and gives her an ultimatum: Help them hunt down her old family in New York, or face life in prison.

Festival Placements:

​Semi-finalist, Shore Scripts TV Pilot Contest 2018

Semi-finalist, ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition 2017

Quarter-finalist, ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship 2018

Coverfly Top 1% in Genre/Format

our way back

Feature Script

Genre: Drama

Length: 108 pages

Rating: PG-13

Logline: Quinton, a hot-shot actor, and Elliot, a local high school teacher, are two estranged childhood friends and former lovers that reunite after Elliot's mother dies, forcing both men to confront their underlying feelings of anger, love, and rejection of one another.

Festival Placements:

None yet.

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